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Hagerty Mustang GT3 Livery

Hagerty is the world's leading insurance agency for collector vehicles based in Michigan, in the United States. With GT Sports' release of the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, it was clear that this livery had to come to life and wrapped around a real American classic.

Versions available

- Mustang GT3 | Hagerty #15, SuperGT 300
- Mustang GT3 | Hagerty #16A, Bathurst 12h
- Mustang GT3 | Hagerty #161, Nürburgring 24h


Hagerty Mustang GT3
Classic car, classic approach

No design experiments but solid stripe vinyls. Rear bumper, trunklid and hood sport a 10% oppacity layer with the company's signature color which appears dark blue with visible composite textures.

Light Grey instead of White

To ensure the vibrance of primary and decorative color a light Grey was the right choice. It also adds a classic note.

Hagerty Mustang GT3
Logo icon

Instead of the wheel I went for the gear knob just to have little challenge on the way. And it actually became tricky when the svg-api refused to display off-set circular gradients properly.

Punched type

Still not sure if this is an interesting feature or if it's hurting legibility of the logo type.

Anyhow, the community seems to like it.