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Fusion Guards

The first game produced and published by JANEIOUS Games and completely community funded and available for Android and iOS.
Art team size 3.5 people plus external service providers.

Job details

- UI design
- Product branding and marketing assets
- General design management

Fusion Guards logo 1c

Fusion Guards app icons

After a testing period of four weeks or so this turned out to be the best performing icon even when I assumed a character motif would take the cake.


Logo based fall-back app icon solution.

Fusion Guards faction logos
Factions / Manufacturers logos

Needless to say that this is something I enjoyed a lot.

For each faction there's a full logo set plus a tiny design manual with decorative colors and stuff like that. Could have done this all day for 28 months straight.

I will post a collection of that with the next site update.

Fusion Guards alternative colorways
Nothing to see here

After living with the all-blue version for month I really liked to play around with silly colorways. None of those were serious attempts but still interesting what a bit more vibrance can do.