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New takes on a classic

Castrol is maybe the most iconic brand in classic motorsports and the vehicles which sported it's logo were no less than legendary.

Versions available

- Vantage GT3 | Castrol #21, Le Mans
- Vantage GT3 | Castrol #20, SuperGT 300
- Supra GT3 |Castrol #36, SuperGT 300
- Supra GT3 |Castrol #37, Le Mans


Castrol EDGE decal
Challenge No.1

What to do if you can't use gradient meshes?

Blends were the answer.

Castrol EDGE decal
Challenge No.2

Reproducing the slick, oily look of the edge decal wasn't easy. It took a while of optimization and switching between different gradients to push it below 15kb.

Close up

The Zoom reveals the abstract shapes which provide the reflections on the bevels.

The GTX decal didn't behave any better.

Castrol GTX decal
Challenge No.3

This time it was not fluid reflections but the amount of details in metal parts. The solution was to combine separate shapes in Compound Paths and apply sectioned gradients for different areas.